Johnson tarnishes a judge

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Judith L. Meyer damaged her own reputation by using her position and power to help Detective Todd Johnson save face. Why do Johnson’s enablers keep going to bat for him?

Armed and intoxicated?

Johnson talks about leaving his gun in a bar.

Long Beach Police Department lets Todd Johnson carry concealed weapons despite Johnson’s history of alcohol-abuse issues while on the job. Evidence from the 2021 Tucson assault suggests that Johnson’s alcohol-related problems are far from resolved.

Assault in Arizona

Johnson tells the witness that he expected her to have sex with him.

On December 8, 2021, Todd Johnson traveled to Tucson, Arizona, to interview a witness on behalf of the Kyle Rittenhouse defense team. The witness alleges that Johnson assaulted her in his hotel room. Here’s the police report.

A little out of hand

Johnson: “I’m a stressful motherfucker.”

Todd Johnson was recorded by his neighbors in 2017 reacting to allegations that his son raped two young women.

Why is Johnson infamous?

Johnson in 2021

Todd Johnson became infamous because he got away with misconduct for years at LBPD. His misdeeds would not have been possible without extraordinary help and support from many superiors, fellow officers and friends — including a judge.

Johnson: “I’m f***ing crazy.”