Assault in Arizona

Tucson Police Department
Case Number: 2112080227
Reporting Officer: (102417) Austin, Steven

I responded to a Sex Offense call E213421178 with Officers Austad (102542) and Ortega Bentancourt (104588) at 6555 E. Speedway (Embassy Suites) on December 8, 2021 [at 21:39.]

Johnson says, “It’s to get your clothes off.”

Upon arrival we met with the reportee/front desk clerk, REPORTEE NAME REDACTED. REPORTEE said the victim, VICTIM NAME REDACTED, came to the front counter a short time prior to our arrival and complained that she was assaulted.

REPORTEE said VICTIM was crying and stated that the suspect, Todd Johnson [MALE/AGE 52], had touched her and told her to take her clothes off. REPORTEE said VICTIM told her that Johnson thought she was a federal agent and that he had a gun in his room. REPORTEE said VICTIM was in the back office waiting for police and Johnson was in room #549.

Johnson tells her to prove she’s not a fed.

I spoke with the victim, VICTIM [FEMALE/AGE 47], who was sitting in the back room. VICTIM stated that she sent an email to a private investigator, Todd Johnson, who was working the civil trial for the Kyle Rittenhouse / [Joseph] Rosenbaum civil case.

VICTIM said Johnson had flown from California and spent the day/night with her today to conduct his investigation.

Johnson: “Are you going to tell everybody what I did?”

VICTIM said she and Johnson ended their day in the bar at the Embassy Suites and they both had a lot to drink. VICTIM said she went back up to Johnson’s room with him to eat nachos and chicken tenders.

VICTIM said Johnson started acting weird and they were both very drunk. VICTIM said she started an audio recording with her cell phone, because of Johnson’s behavior. I later found out that the recording had started in the bar area, prior to going back to his room. VICTIM stated that she wished to press charges against Johnson.

Johnson: “You are such a fed.”

VICTIM said Johnson accused her of being a federal agent and wearing a “wire”.

VICTIM stated Johnson used his hand to check under her shirt, but above her bra for the wire. VICTIM said Johnson ended up kissing her and putting his tongue in her mouth.

VICTIM said Johnson had his pants unzipped, but she did not see his penis at all. VICTIM said she pushed Johnson away and told him to stop, which he did.

Johnson says he’s crazy and punches himself.

VICTIM said she felt that she needed to “talk Johnson down”, because she was afraid that he would act out aggressively. Johnson said she had no marks or injuries and I did not see any obvious signs of scratches or marks.

VICTIM said she had an audio recording from her phone, which would prove that the assault took place.

Johnson left his gun unattended in hotel bar.

VICTIM said the recording was approximately an hour long and wanted to play it for me. Officer Austad and I listened to the multiple phone recordings, while VICTIM tried to find the assault portion.

VICTIM kept saying that this is where it happened, but we did not hear any type of assault taking place. Officer Austad went to his patrol vehicle to research the mental health information on VICTIM, while I continued to listen to the recordings.

The woman rejects Johnson’s kiss.

I was unable to hear anything that would definitely lead me to believe that VICTIM’s breast was touched as Johnson “checked for a wire”, or that Johnson had unwantedly kissed her.

Johnson sounded more rational than VICTIM did and told her that she could leave multiple times. I did hear VICTIM say ‘I’m totally fucking drunk right now”.

Johnson asks to see her breasts.

VICTIM kept asking Johnson why he was so paranoid, even though it did not sound like Johnson was paranoid at all.

VICTIM was rambling something about Johnson not helping her with the Jahovah’s Witnesses as I heard her crying. [REDACTED]

We went and spoke with Johnson in room #549. I asked Johnson if he had spent time with VICTIM today and he said yes. I told Johnson that VICTIM had made some allegations against him and that I was needed to ask him some questions. When I told him that I was going to read him his Miranda rights, Johnson refused to answer questions and said I could speak to his attorney.

Johnson calls Ben Goldberg.

Johnson did say that VICTIM had a lot to drink and that he was going to interview her father, [REDACTED.]

Since I was unable to determine if a crime had actually been committed, I advised Sergeant Babauta and documented what I found. Sergeant Babauta recommended that I email Sergeant Robinson the case report, which I later did.

According to public records, Johnson is 6’1 tall, and weighs 235 pounds. The victim in this case stands 5’4.

This police report is a public record regarding Tucson Police Department case #211208-0227. The audio clips, too, are public records, and are linked from this source on youtube.